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Hyperfibre for your home or business

Unleash the power of Hyperfibre and take your internet experience to new heights.

Bryte Hyperfibre plans

A reliable hyperfibre network, built by reliable people.


Business Hyperfibre


/month (+GST)

Ultra fibre speeds for business with a lot of devices.

Speeds up to 2000/2000Mbps


Business Hyperfibre


/month (+GST)

Ultra fast fibre speeds for heavy usage & real-time collaboration.

Speeds up to 4000/4000Mbps


Business Hyperfibre


/month (+GST)

Unparalleled fibre speeds for ultra low latency.

Speeds up to 8000/8000Mbps

Free modem and no connection fee on a 12 month contract

Rent Modem: $10/Month
Buy Modem: 2000 $500 • 4000/8000 $750
Modem shipping fee: $15
Sign up fee without 12mo contract: 2000 $160 • 4000 $175• 8000 $200

Why choose hyperfibre?

Experience the future of internet with Hyperfibre—where blazing speeds, unmatched reliability, and forward-thinking technology converge to elevate your connectivity.

Exceptionally High Speeds

Hyperfibre internet offers significantly higher speeds than traditional broadband for super fast download and upload. Ideal for streaming, gaming and large file transfers or backups.

Improved Stability and Reliability

A more consistent and reliable internet connection, that is less susceptible to interference and slowdown during peak usage times ensuring a smoother online experience.

Future-Proof Your Connectivity

As technology evolves and the demand for bandwidth increases, hyperfibre is crucial for supporting emerging technologies like smart home devices, augmented and virtual reality, and advanced cloud-based applications.


Better support

Our local Technical Support team is here to make things easy for you, meaning no endless waiting in call queues. You get to chat directly with the folks who keep your connection running smoothly. This way, we can sort things out faster and more effectively, getting you back up to speed in no time.


Reliable network

We're constantly monitoring our network, making sure there's plenty of bandwidth for all customers. This means you'll enjoy a smooth, reliable internet experience without slowdowns. Our proactive approach keeps our network running smoothly, ensuring consistent, hassle-free connectivity from the smallest residential to the largest business needs.

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