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1 - Fibre Broadband is not available in all areas. If Fibre cannot be connected in your location, a full refund will be given.

2 - Modification of the service may take up to 5 working days from your written request. 

3 - Cancellation of any service requires 30 days notification to BRYTE by phone or email.

4 - Your personal information is kept confidential and will not be shared with any other organisation.

5 - If your account is on a contract and you choose to cancel prematurely, there will be Cancellation fee of $299.00 (Inc GST).

6 - Invoice for the first month must be paid in advance before the connection is placed.

7 - If you are using a 'BYO' Modem Router and are experiencing issues, you will need to contact your Modem Router's manufacturer or third party Tech support for further assistance on Interface configuration or on-site tech support.

8 - A 'Change of Plan' can only be submitted once every 3 months for Fibre Plans. If this is exceeded there will be an additional charge of $49.00 (Inc GST).

9 - If you are in a Rental dwelling and not the Home-owner, you must request written or verbal permission from your property owner to have Fibre installed.

10 -  I agree that I’m authorised to make decisions about services to the installation address.

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