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Bryte brings you the broadband you need, with service to match, and nothing you don’t.

At Bryte, we're more than just an internet service provider; we're your gateway to a brighter, more connected future. Rooted in the heart of New Zealand, our mission is to deliver an unmatched online experience through our state-of-the-art network and personalized service. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in everything we do, from our competitive pricing to our commitment to quality and reliability.

Why choose Bryte?

Our team has 30+ years of combined industry knowledge and experience in providing Internet connections and corporate networks. So, if you simply need a great home Internet connection, or a customised quality high-speed business solution that is both reliable and affordable, BRYTE can help.

NZ based support

Our local dedicated Technical Support means no long call queues. Speak directly with the people who maintain your connection for fast and accurate help.

Reliable connection

Bryte provides a better quality network that is constantly monitored to ensure less congestion and better connection.

Affordable service

Competitive pricing makes Bryte a great choice for residential and business internet needs. Get a better solution for the right price.

Our story

Bryte was formed originally out of a project for Life Church. Back in 2013 the idea of live streaming from site to site over a secure fast network was put forward and at the time there were only the Big 3 ISP providers that had the network to do this. The service also had a very big price tag.

So Johnathan and a few others decided to make the network themselves and supply the equipment. When this was implemented they were one of the only networks available for Dark fibre and a 10 GB connection.

From there it stemmed into providing fast reliable internet for business and wholesale. 11 years later we are now looking to provide the same great service to customers direct.

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