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Broadband that works for your home

Get online with an ultra reliable network and take your internet experience to new heights.


Hyperfibre Broadband

The next generation of ultra fast connectivity for your home or business.

Fibre plans

Unlock fast, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity that enhances your everyday online experience.


Personal Fibre



A basic fibre plan for essential streaming and online needs.

Speeds up to 50/10Mbps


Personal Fibre



Great speed for households with a few connected devices.

Speeds up to 300/100Mbps


Personal Fibre



Great fibre speeds for bustling households with a lot of devices.

Speeds up to 1000/500Mbps

All plans

Free modem and no connection fee on a 12 month contract

Rent Modem: $5
Buy Modem: $150.00
BYO Modem: $0
Modem Shipping Fee $15.00
Sign up Fee $35 without 12 month contract

Other plans

Wherever your business operates, we can tailor a plan to you.


A high-speed solution when fibre isn't an option.


The most affordable option to get your home connected.


Affordable, clear, and flexible voice calls over the internet.


Better support

Our local Technical Support team is here to make things easy for you, meaning no endless waiting in call queues. You get to chat directly with the folks who keep your connection running smoothly. This way, we can sort things out faster and more effectively, getting you back up to speed in no time.


Reliable network

We're constantly monitoring our network, making sure there's plenty of bandwidth for all customers. This means you'll enjoy a smooth, reliable internet experience without slowdowns. Our proactive approach keeps our network running smoothly, ensuring consistent, hassle-free connectivity from the smallest residential to the largest business needs.

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