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Our Services

What We Provide

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Business Services

We started with the sole purpose of bringing quality Internet solutions to businesses. That focus has not changed. Can you benefit  from a faster, more reliable business connection? We can help.

Fibre and VDSL Services, Wide Area Networks, VoIP Services

Residential Services

BRYTE can provide broadband services up and down New Zealand. Depending on you location, Fibre services might not be available and we can look at other broadband options.

Fibre Broadband – Plans from 100Mbps up to 1000Mbps
VDSL – The fastest copper based service.
ADSL – Standard copper broadband service.
VoIP Services

Private Property
Communication Tower

Custom Services

Need a tailor made WAN solution over a dedicated Fibre link? Whether it is added functionality or cost savings you require, BRYTE can create a customised solution for you.

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Dedicated Fibre

  • High Bandwidth Requirements

  • Secure Networks

  • VoIP solutions and Call Centers

  • You Name It – We Will Create It.

Whatever project you have in mind, we are here to make it happen. Get in touch with us today.

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