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Hyper fast internet backed by tailored, local support.

Years of industry experience, bringing you a more reliable, tailored broadband connection.

Our team has 30+ years of combined industry knowledge and experience in providing Internet connections and corporate networks.

Reliable connection

Bryte provides a better quality network that is constantly monitored to ensure less congestion and better connection.

NZ based support

Our local dedicated Technical Support means no long call queues. Speak directly with the people who maintain your connection for fast and accurate help.

Affordable service

Competitive pricing makes Bryte a great choice for residential and business internet needs. Get a better solution for the right price.


Hyperfibre Broadband

The next generation of ultra fast connectivity for your home or business.


Business Broadband

Discover broadband for your business


Personal Broadband

Discover broadband for your home

Explore our plans

The fastest hyperfibre internet, on an ultra reliable network.


Business Hyperfibre


/month (+GST)

Ultra fibre speeds for businesses with a lot of devices.

Speeds up to 2000/2000Mbps


Business Hyperfibre


/month (+GST)

Ultra fast fibre speeds for heavy usage & real-time collaboration.

Speeds up to 4000/4000Mbps


Business Hyperfibre


/month (+GST)

Unparalleled fibre speeds for ultra low latency.

Speeds up to 8000/8000Mbps


Business Fibre


/month (+GST)

Great fibre speeds for businesses with a lot of devices.

Speeds up to 1000/500Mbps


Better support

Our local Technical Support team is here to make things easy for you, meaning no endless waiting in call queues. You get to chat directly with the folks who keep your connection running smoothly. This way, we can sort things out faster and more effectively, getting you back up to speed in no time.


Reliable network

We're constantly monitoring our network, making sure there's plenty of bandwidth for all customers. This means you'll enjoy a smooth, reliable internet experience without slowdowns. Our proactive approach keeps our network running smoothly, ensuring consistent, hassle-free connectivity from the smallest residential to the largest business needs.

Bryte Internet provide our business with internet and landline services that get directly emailed to our remote admin staff. Their product is incredible, their customer service outstanding and they make my job as owner so much easier! Not sure why you'd choose anyone else.

Mangawhai Osteopathy

Get better broadband today

From great quality home internet to highly customised business solutions, get a better connection with Bryte.

The Bryte difference

Our network is specially designed to be uncontested, bringing you a smooth and fast online experience. With Bryte, you get more than just good service; you get reliability that keeps you connected.

We’re proud of our New Zealand-based customer service team, ready to assist you within minutes. With competitive pricing and a high-quality, regularly monitored network, choosing Bryte means choosing an internet experience that stands out.

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