Residential Services

BRYTE can provide broadband services right across the country. Depending on you location, Fibre services might not be available and we can look at other broadband options.

  • Fibre Broadband – Plans from 100Mbps up to 1000Mbps
  • VDSL – The fastest copper based service.
  • ADSL – Standard copper broadband service.

Business Services

We started with the sole purpose of bringing quality Internet solutions to businesses. That focus has not changed. Can you benefitĀ  from a faster, more reliable business connection? We can help.

  • Fibre and VDSL Services
  • Wide Area Networks
  • VOIP Services

Custom Services

Need a tailor made WAN solution over a dedicated fibre link? Whether it is added functionality or cost savings you require, BRYTE can create a customised solution for you.

  • Wide Area Networks
  • Dedicated Fibre
  • High Bandwidth Requirements
  • Secure Networks
  • VoIP solutions and Call Centers
  • You Name It – We Will Create It.