Xtreme Fibre 50/10 Unlimited Data - No Frills

Thank you for your interest in joining up with a BRYTE Fibre Plan.

We are glad to offer you Xtreme Fibre 50/10 Unlimited Data – No Frills for only $60.00/mth

Xtreme Fibre 50/10 (Mbps) Unlimited Data – No Frills 
Our most affordable Fibre plan, suitable for everyday activities like email, web-surfing etc.

The Modem/Router we supply is the fantastic D-link DVA-2800 model with great Wifi capabilities. You can view the specs for our D-Link Router here.

The current contract prices for the D-link Router for a standard Fibre Plan are provided below and will be applied as a ‘One-off’ charge to your first invoice in addition to your monthly rental.

D-Link DVA-2800 Router (No Contract)$175.00
D-Link DVA-2800 Router (on a 12 month contract)$99.00
D-Link DVA-2800 Router (on a 24 month contract)FREE

Open Box Offer
Select an open box D-Link DVA-2800 Router for only $149.00

Chorus RGW ONT options for Type 300 ONT
(Fibre Box RGW – No Modem/Router Required)
Please Note: Chorus RGW does not support Voice services at this time.

Chorus RGW ONT One Off Setup Fee (Waived with 12 or 24 month Contract) $49.00
Chorus RGW ONT Service Fee (No Contract)$5.00/mth
Chorus RGW ONT Service Fee (12 or 24 month Contract)FREE

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us here.

0800 427 983

Terms and conditions of service
1) Fibre Broadband is not available in all areas. If Fibre cannot be connected in your location, a full refund will be given. 2) Modification of the service may take up to 5 working days from your written request. 3) Cancellation of any service requires 30 days notification. 4) Personal information is kept confidential and will not be shared with any other organisation. 4) If your account is on a contract and you choose to cancel prematurely, there will be Cancellation fee of $299.00 (Inc GST). 5) An invoice will be sent asap and payment for the first month must be paid in advance before the connection is placed 6). If you are using a non-Bryte supplied Modem Router and are experiencing configuration issues, you will need to contact your Modem Router’s manufacturer or third party Tech support for further assistance on Interface configuration or on-site tech support.” 7). A ‘Change of Plan’ can only be submitted once every 3 months for Fibre Plans. If this is exceeded there will be an additional charge of $49.00 (Inc GST). 8). If you are in a Rental dwelling and not the Home-owner, you must request written or verbal permission from your property owner to have Fibre installed.